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It was a privilege and a joy to meet the two of you.  Thank you so much for coming to our church.  Leslie, your song was a real blessing to me.  My husband and I were unable to go on the mission trip.  He had unsuccessful back surgery in 2004 and that greatly limits his activities.  HE also has to see a  pain doctor monthly to deal with the pain.  WE had hoped that we would be able to go on Mission trips when he retired.  That is still our prayer.  I loved hearing about the trip when the folks got back.  Your coming made it so much more “real” for us. 

When I told Pastor John of our desire to go on trips—and the likelihood that we would  be able to go---.  He told me I could participate by sending you words of encouragement.  Carroll, my husband, did not get to meet you on Sunday.  He was at church but standing is one of the things that causes him pain so he did not stand in line to meet you.  He enjoyed the service.  Sunday night people were still talking about it.

It will be a lot easier to remember to pray for you now that I have faces to connect with your names.



Love you in the Lord,